Jewel Quest 2

Jewel Quest 2

Jewel Quest 2 is a fun jewel match game full of adventure
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Jewel Quest is a puzzle game developed by This game has really low system requirements, a 800 Mhz CPU powered by Windows 98 (or later) will be enough to enjoy Jewel Quest.
Jewel Quest is a puzzle game that strongly resembles Alchemy, the only obvious difference between both games is that in Alchemy the player must match runes instead of jewels.
The player must form matches by lining up 3 or more identical jewels horizontally or vertically. The player can swap two adjacent jewels by clicking both squares or by dragging one jewel to and adjacent square. As jewels get matched the squares below them turn to gold. The aim of the game is to turn the complete board to gold. The empty squares will be filled with jewels falling from above, and these replacement jewels can also get matched with the board jewels, which makes the game a little bit more interesting.
This puzzle game features great graphics and sound effects, and can be a great way of wasting time when there´s nothing better to do.
Jewel Quest is a full featured time limited demo version that will expire after 30 minutes of use. To keep on playing the game must be registered.

Jorge Tierno Alvite
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  • Great graphics and sound effects


  • It's a bit expensive
  • Nothing new comparing it to Alchemy
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